July 30, 2011

a night well spent

        On my most recent post, I made mentioned about a concert for a cause. Well, to support my dear friend and at the same time to help SAVE A HEART, I didn't hesitate to attend the said event.

                      had dinner at My Joy before going to the venue -located in Ayala Center Cebu

                                                         grilled pork belly - a must try!

                                                 another must try -grilled chicken

loved their regular burger - you can buy it at 30 pesos and it got a very meaty patty , green tomatoes
and cucumbers in it

I did not attend the concert alone....
                                                         was with Dothy and Jay

                                                 officemate Hyacinth also supported the event

                                           another officemate, Iris with her boyfriend, Ryan

          this event was all for her or shall I say for her dad who had just undergone a bypass surgery

                                                             Badjoy and Jesse

            Badjoy singing "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars with his nephews-got good voices as well

                                                                          The Werners

        a dance group from the University of San Carlos(The Misunderstoods) also showcase their talent in dancing -these kids got moves!

                                                                         Second Set
                                                          Last Set: Party Time!
I'm really proud of myself that I became part of this event for a cause since I was able to help out a "heart". A used to be weak heart but now pumping back again because everyone helped out in their own little ways just to save that heart from harm.

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