July 21, 2011

Table for how many?

      One of the things that I love doing is dining out. Not only for the mere pleasure of it but for my taste buds to try out different plates may it be continental or just simply Pinoy. This time we decided to dine at the UCC Cafe Terraces - to have the Japanese feel.

                                                               While Waiting....

                       So loved the ambiance: cool, cozy and quiet = 5 hearts for this!
                               He normally asks for the papers everytime we dine in!:)
                           I really love cold blended drinks that why I opt for UCC's Coffee Cooler
                                                       Jay chose the iced cold tea with sugar
                                                       Miso Soup - not friendly to my taste buds
                   Seafood Omurice - made with shrimp, mullosks, scallops and rice wrapped in omelet
                                                          *certainly a must try!
                                                       Bacon Cheese Penne Pasta
                                                                 Goofing around!
                                                                        High Five!

                                       And we got free desserts: Cheese and Green Tea Muffin
                                              Green tea muffin is a must try!Tastes like heaven:)

Laced top - thrifted ; No Apologies Jeans, Charles and Keith Bag; Express Flats

1 comment:

  1. dAANN!!
    I love UCC, too! But, it's too mahalia for me. Boyfee does not approve of a re-visit. :[
    Oh well, I love what your ordered! Great photos, by the way! And that top, yes, I have always loved that!!