July 23, 2011

Unwanted "BUCKS"

                                                    Coffee Jelly and Mocha Java Chip

                                                                      Cinnamon Roll

                                                                      Banana Roll

                                                                  meet my sister - Dothy
                                                               certified Star Bucks Lover

Maldita cardigan ;Vintage Kiss Shop dress; Guess watch; Express flats
brown belt: Metro Ayala

Looking at the image clips above might give you a picture on how my sister and I love Starbucks.We do and who doesn't right? You might wonder why I entitled my blog as such. You might think its an irony but there really is a story behind it. We went to Ayala not for us to grab a cup of java chip nor to have a sip of brewed coffee from Starbucks but for us to enjoy the last day promo of Bo's Coffee Shop. Bo's offers significant markdown on all their fraps in which it was priced at 50 pesos in line with their anniversary. Who would not grab that chance right?So here's the scenario as to why from Bo's we ended up with Starbucks. Upon entering Bo's , it was jam-packed. People were everywhere may it be students, young professionals and even businessmen grabbed their own marked down frappucinos.Figaro, SBC (Seattle's Best) were the other options I have in mind but knowing my sister I know that she will answer just on thing....STARBUCKS!So from  50 pesos we ended paying a hundred and sixty five bucks for a frap.Unwanted bucks spent but the day ended with another quality time with my dearest sister.;)


  1. you wore the dress na! I looks perfect & I love your sister's flower-y cardigan!

  2. hey fat!yes i did and loved it all thanks to you..ha ha ha..

  3. There goes the Maldita cardigan!! ;p
    Both of you look chic! HEAART ♥

  4. and the credit goes to you for the Maldita cardigan..;) thank you for the unending support gel...mwah!very much appreciated!