July 17, 2011

Welcome to my World!

Im really not quite sure in making this move of starting my own blog. To tell you honestly, I'm really not fond of writing. I easily ran out of words to say and ended up deleting everything. But what motivated me in pursuing s is my passion for fashion, shopping, for friends, food and so many other things. I don't wanna isolate this blog to just one "genre". I wanna share through this blog everything about me may it be my love for clothes, restaurants and significant events in my life.

We'll on my first post, let me share to you  my typical weekend . I normally go to Ayala to do the grocery stuff .But this time there is an add on to the usual grocery list :the Pad Thai ingredients.I started to love it in when my officemate/blogger brought some and want to try it out(You can check her blog at maealturas.blogspot.com).And of course, we wouldn't leave without grabbing something to eat. :)

                                                    we were so literally Thirsty!

                                                    spaghetti :Chicken ala Roma

What I would like to do on my blog as well is to somehow rate the restaurants that I have been to in terms of service, how pleasant are the crew and of course how the food taste and how it was being presented. (5 ♥'s = excellent ; 1♥ = bohoo).

For Sbarro, I would be very biased and give them ♥♥♥♥♥!. I always love Sbarro because its my ever venue for my pizza, pasta cravings.And I really love how fast the service is and how "pangmasa" the place is.

After we ate (we would be me and my boyfriend :)), we headed to the grocery area and hunted for the Pad Thai ingredients. Whew it was not a joy ride for us since it took us an hour to search for all the ingredients needed..heheeeheh.

So that was how my Saturday went. Wish me luck for my cooking tomorrow!teheee..Hope I can feature it on my next post.

   top from Bazaare, shorts from US, belt: Metro Ayala,shoes from Rosanna Pena

P.S. In case you might wonder what ALACRITY means, it means CHICNESS! :)


  1. Hello Dan!
    I am beyond ecstatic when I read about your post! I know it would be a little exaggerating if I have to say this over and over again that it gets really addicting. But, never goo with whats "in". Stick to your likes, strengths and taste!
    Yes, I love Sbarro as well since college! I have always loved their pizza! Gae ko b! Haha
    Anyway, you are always the master in bringing colors and femininity into your outfit! I didn't know what alacrity was until you defined it! HAHHA! Silly me! Enough about my talking! More Power gwaps! Keep it up! ;p

  2. aawwwwee...thank you so much for the very touching comment..you made me kulit over and over in making my own blog..hahhah..was not able to stick with just having a fashion blog since there are so many things that i do love as well...More power to you too! love yah!hope i can feature you soon sa ako blog!hahhaha