August 01, 2011

going ONLINE

Online shopping in social networking sites is of preference for times when we are to lazy to go to the malls to shop and obviously I'm part of the "WE".So, I''ll be sharing to you one of the clothes I have bought online. Every time I look for chic items to buy online, visiting Ukay Shopeteer on Facebook is a no fail.Owner of this online business is a former classmate and a friend of mine as well.Going back to this lovely black dress, I decided to pair it off with a floral cardigan to make it a bit formal since we are on our way to church when this picture was taken..hahhahha

Ill be posting" the Shopeteer dress" (minus the cardigan this time) on my next post so watch out for it and tell me if what you think about it.

PS. You might wonder as to where you have seen this floral cardigan.Oh well, it was worn by my sister in one of my posts.This is one thing I love about having a sister. You can share clothes and shoes with them! hahaha