September 30, 2011

No Other Woman

photo credits: Sue C.

            If there's one Local Movie that I can consider as "talk of the town" it will be "No Other Woman".From television, social networking sites and on local news (entertainment part of course) everyone's buzzing about. So you can just imagine how I have been so waiting for this movie. I wanted to watch the movie not just for curiosity sake, but I loved how the movie was presented basing from how it was trailed on advertisements.
    So September 28 came, everything was all set.My officemates registered on Sure Seats, planned what we will be wearing, which time to choose etc. Due to my excitement, I volunteered to be an hour early since we have to purchase the ticket earlier than the selected screening time to prevent forfeiture.Presented the print-out with a wide smile only to find out that the movie roll didn't arrive yet!It was still in Manila ,got delayed due to Bagyong Pedring. So I texted my officemates about the situation.So frustrated!.After the attendant told me about having the movie on hold, she gave me a number to call to do a follow-up since it is a guarantee that the movie roll will be arriving within the day but they couldn't be sure as to what time it will arrive.So I got no choice but to wait for 4 pm. 3:30 pm came. I called back and Yes!They already got the film ready. First screening time was 4:40 pm. We didn't have second thoughts.We chose the earliest screening time. Luckily everyone was able to make it on time, we still got seats reserved for us and we all stepped out of the movie house happy and content!ha ha ha.

See how crazy we were. We did everything all for the movie despite the fact that it's not just a one day screening. It will still be shown for day or even weeks!ha ha ha..

P.S. Will be watching it again this Sat but with mom, sis and Jay this!

How about you guys?Have you watched it?Tell me if you got the same crazy experience the same way we did:)


  1. Dan, was the movie that good? I always have a horrible experience with Pinoy movies. The ending always seems soo predictable. Oh well, I'd still be watching it. I wonder what Anne will be wearing ;p

  2. loved the movie!and anne was superb!steamingly hot...:)