September 24, 2011

RAIN, please go away

cardigan- from sis;top-thrifted;bandage skirt-Ukay Shopeteer; satchel-Chicify

It was really raining non-stop this week. I love the coldness it brings everytime it rains , but the downside of it is it always screw up my appointments for the day and it always gives me the lazy feel upon going to work.Hope it wont rain so hard  in the upcoming  days so that I can continue running my errands.

ON a lighter note, I was really happy since my satchel was already here!♥. I was able to purchase it online through Chicify. I really loved the packaging ,material used for the bag, the color,everything!Chicify offers not just bags but they have a collection of skirts, clothes and shoes.
Can't wait to buy another item from this online store. Check the site now and you might just find an item perfect for you.♥