September 14, 2011

[生日快乐] (shēngrì kuàilè) Jay!

You might be wondering what is the meaning of my title post.Well it means Happy Birthday!Yes, it's finally Jay's Birthday. I was really looking forward to celebrate it with him together with my mom and my sis since we had it planned since last week. We were thinking of ways on how we could surprise him. We thought of Bigby's since the resto is known for them singing to whoever is celebrating their birthday at least it's not just us singing for him on his birthday!ha ha ha

We got him a little dedication cake. We named him Mr. Choi from his Middle Name

paper bag that he is holding is my little gift for him

sneaking on what's inside!lol!

now the crew enters and sang for him. He was really surprise believe me!

Thank You Bigby's Crew for helping me out

fudgie cup for the celebrant

seafood pasta

Fisherman's catch and Belly Busters - good for 4 to 5 persons comes with 1 plain garlic rice per serving

long sleeves and pleated skirt- thrifted; Penshoppe flats

Hope you had a blast on your birthday Mr. Choi. Looking forward to spending more birthdays  with you!☻♥☻

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