October 09, 2011

catching up...

Yesterday, I went out to be reunited with some old friends.

Grilled Chops- was really starving so I was able to finish everything!lol!

spaghetti bolognese

can't leave the place with getting a snapshot!

had some gelato for dessert- we were to watch Dolphin Tale in 3D but next screening was way too late and one of my friends was to go home early since she got an early shift the day after

wacky pose!

I have to tag Jay along since I have to invade the grocery since supplies are running out!hahaha

Really had fun catching up with chikas!Till next time Guys!

                                                                   top- Vintage Kiss
                                                                   shorts - Bazaare find
                                                                   shoes- Penshoppe
                                                                   bag - Charles and Keith
                                                                   braided belt - bought online

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