December 11, 2011

Bring Me Back to the 80's

blazer and nude corset - thrifted;shorts and belt - SM Department Store;pink stockings- Leg Love by
Kate Torralba; pumps - thrifted

This was what I wore when I attended our annual Departmental Christmas Party. Theme was the 80's. As we all know 80's is nothing but colors, exaggeration and volume.I wanna achieve the modern/"vintage-y" look thus the outfit. If you had been following me, I have mentioned that nowadays I'm crazy over blazers. I was in doubt at first if it would fit the 80's fashion but when I googled it, it was basically part of their trend!So I didn't think twice to include it on my get up. Corsets and colorful stockings were also in so I have incorporated it as well. To complete the get - up, I had gold for the accessories. I was really happy about my outfit. It might not seem like it, but everything I had on the get-up was basically part of the 80's "closet".

1 comment:

  1. DAAAN! I can't believe again the corset was thrifted. If you get tired of it, sell it to me ha! I've been looking for nude corset na from all over Cebu but came across NONE! PFFFT! YOU HAVE TO SELL IT TO ME! HAHAHAHA! MWAH! Super chic kay ka! ;)