December 20, 2011

Team Christmas Party

Last Weekend, we had our Christmas Party which was held at Danao Coco Palms

 Assembly Area:Office grounds..
Assembly Time: 8am

Arrived at around 10 am so after we had set up everything, we had GAMES!

                                                                            Chao Time!
                                                              We had exchange gifts as well
                                       here's a glimpse of what they got from their manita/manito
                        and here's my Manita..her wishlist was a watch and glad that I was able to give her what she specifically wanted..:D

                                      meet my manager's daughter, Alexis, such a cutie!

                                                                More games
                                                             and games!hahahhahha
For sure everyone had a blast!It's really nice that once in a while we can go out of the office, leave our paper works for a while and just enjoy.
  Happy Holidays from our Team!

             top: Sun and Sand Beach wear,bikini top: Vintage Kiss Shop;shorts:thrifted;belt:SM Department                  Store;flipflops:Havaianas


  1. hahhahha..they won't believe na its pambeach kay its laced!:)thanks gel!