January 31, 2012

Welcoming the Year of the Water Dragon

 I know it will be way too late for this post but I have been MIA for say a month now. I'm really sorry for not being able to devote some time since I was really busy(believe me the B word is an understatement!). Been running errands left and right for weeks now since we've been looking for materials for our new house. Might give you a sneak peek once its done.:D. Enough of the explaining. let me start my blog comeback on what we had during the New Year's. Same with Christmas, my family gathered at my sister's house so that we cam welcome 2012 together.
                                                                    Peace Out!hahhaha
                                                                          with Mom

                        food and wine to cheer everyone up while waiting for the clock to strike 12
                                                                                   with sissies♥
                                                                  cute and adorable pamangkins
                                                                     Team Lebron!

     motif was white and orange: orange being the color for 2012 and white just to complement with it hahhaha

                                                               Happy New Year!

top- Glitz and Glam; shorts and belt- SM Department Store; flats-Penshoppe
Hope we'll have a fruitful year. Though trials and challenges will be inevitable but with prayers and faith I know we can surpass all these.:D

In case you might wanna know my 2012 Resolutions here's my Top 3 List:

1.Learn to control temper
2. Devote more time with family and friends

What's yours?


  1. Happy New year, Dan! and weebee! :)

    Looking great as always, dear ;)

  2. Daut najud kay ka darleng! :))
    Love the top ;)

  3. nah gel kovi na jud ko balik believe me!:(sad kaayo hahahhaha
    miss you so much!

    thanks miss Joy!:D