March 16, 2012

All We Need is Love

“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”-Mother Theresa of Calcutta

I started my post with this saying since it really is difficult if the people around you does not show any affection at all.As adults, we might associate this mostly with our significant others but for little kids,affection from parents would really mean the world to them or would be a great factor during their growing up years. If love is not there, then these children would end up as orphans and no one will mold them to be better individuals.You might wonder why I'm saying all these. Reason for such is that my office mate/ friend invited us over to attend a benefit concert and the Beneficiary is the SOS Children's Villages Cebu,  an organization which provide homes for abandoned children. I didn't have second thoughts when he invited me over since profits for the concert will go to kids who didn't experience being Loved by their parents.

So here are some highlights of the concert:

                                                            prepping the stage

               Invocation: they made use of microlight gloves to put emphasis on their hand movements

                        The Cebu Male Singers - a singing group in Cebu in which my officemate was part of

                     The Voice of Cebu -another group of talented singers served as a guest

                                Director of the SOS Children's Village expressing his gratitude

presenting the plaque of appreciation to The Cebu Male Singers for choosing SOS as the beneficiary
                                  second from the left is Marlowe-I'm a proud friend!:D
we had a hard time taking photos of him since he was right beside the conductor so this pic I consider as an epic shot!tehee)
 Two of my fave songs of the night were:


                                                    officemates: PeejaySue and Aura also took part of the event

It was indeed a night of generosity, fun and music.More power to The Cebu Male Singers!:D

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