July 29, 2011

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top-Zara;skirt-Forever 21;shoes-Penshoppe;watch-Beverly Hills Polo Club
Birthday celebration has already died down:).I felt wearing something that would make me look like a teenybopper(could mean 1. A young teenage girl. 2. A teenager who follows the latest fad or craze, as in dress or music, i prefer the first one:)) so I wore this top which I got from my sister when she was still working in Singapore and this skirt which I still love wearing considering that bandage skirts are "in" nowadays.And of course , my pair of flats.


  1. Gwaps, love your skirt! Its f21! you know I would die for anything f21 heheh! :]
    I hope I can pull off poofy skirts kay my hips look 3x times bigger if I wear such! You look good :]
    Naa gihapon imuha b-day vibe! You know that bdays last for one week?! Hheheh! :]

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  3. thanks gel for the comment..and oh yes forever 21 would always be an epic!cant wait for it to open here in Cebu.. now prepare to be in a world where every girl would be broke!ha ha ha