July 27, 2011

best i ever had part I

People say that as we grow older, our perception to birthdays would change. No more birthday parties, no more gifts and treated as one of the regular days of the year. I always believe in this philosophy not until I stepped on my 24th year.......

  I really thought that my teammates would not prepare something for my birthday considering that there are four of us celebrating our birthdays on the same week.So it caught me by surprise when they were at my back wearing party hats and got this cake for me. It got me teary -eyed!(silly me I have always been a cry baby)

       I thought it would stop there but when I reached home, I was welcomed with:

                                                                      this lovely cake

                                a party hat, a balloon and a paper bag! so eager to open it up ..ha ha ha

                                                                   such adorable tops!

      and of course this really melted my heart: sweet messages from mom and sis (really cried hard upon reading this)

as planned:
Dinner at The Port -attendees :mom,Jay and Dothy (my other sister was suppose to come but we dined out late due to unforeseen circumstances and she has to go to work :( )


                                                                             wine area

                                                                        really cute

                                                                     sizzling bangus
                                                         linguine in tomato sauce

baked scallops, squid balls, corn,and grilled pork belly

To follow Best I ever had Part II  ha ha ha. I bet you're photo vomiting right now!

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