July 25, 2011


Caremma,Banda.me, Heine
                      True friends are really hard to find.Its really nice to know that even if you don't see each other often,don't talk that much but at the end of the day you have them when you needed them the most.


                                         Every heartbeat stops when its their turn >>ha ha ha


         Bubblebee Tea House -located at the North Reclamation Area Cebu right across Yamaha is a very good place for catching up with friends; place is so cozy;feels like home

                         Decided to have dinner at Dong Juan - place is quite small but food and service is great

                                             iced tea ,Fit n' Right for the health conscious :)


                                                              Dong Juan burger

                   and of course, had videoke after dinner -Caremma was not able to go since baby is not feeling well:( Till next time My

denim top-thrifted;black shorts - bazaare;brown belt- Metro Ayala, flats- Rossana Pena
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