July 24, 2011

not her usual TASTE...

                  My mom always has the sweet tooth for Filipino dishes.So we decided to bring her somewhere that will deviate to her usual craving

                                    Banana Leaf is a South East Asian restaurant that offers the delights of
                                Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, Indian recipes among others

                                                                me, mom and Dothy

                                                barbecue roasted whole baby back ribs

                                                        Penang fried rice with salted fish and chicken

                                                            Thai Style Marinated Pork

                                Chicken Satay (searched for the picture online since mine was blurry)

                                     banana leaf used as a plate (very much speaks for its name)

                                                               New York's Finest

                                           Oh yes, we had Yellow Cab as take out!ha ha ha

cropped top-thrifted;shorts-Collezione;flats-Express

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