August 28, 2011

a date with mcqueen!

Cars 2! One of the animated movies that we looked forward to watch and yay!It's finally here!

grabbed some refreshments before the movie started:)
Oh yeah! Cars 2 in 3D version!

with Lightning Mcqueen and Mator :)

had a pizza-pasta dinner at Don Hen

what i wore: dress and Express flats- Vintage Kiss Shop; belt - Mhuy Femenina;bag-Charles and Keith

Fave Line from the movie:
"Finn McMissile: No one realizes there be a fool, because they are too busy laughing at the fool.
Mater: Is that how you see me.
Finn McMissile: That's how everyone sees you. Isn't that the idea."
You might be asking why, and believe me I'm so much willing to elaborate further but I'm sure that there are still those who haven't seen it. Don't wanna play as a spoiler, so better check it out and see if Mator had been a "fool" all throughout.:)
Enjoy Watching!♥


  1. DAAAN! Nice to see your post again! I missed you:)
    You are looking good lately. Naay nausab nimo somewhere, something, somehow. Can't pinpoint. hihihi. :)

  2. ahhahha..been busy for the past weeks gyud gel!hmmm,nausab?ang hair cguro:)