September 03, 2011

the week that was

top- my Mom's, bandage skirt- thrifted- Parisian shoes, Guess watch
*special thanks to Jas for taking this shot and Au for my make up*_*

I had mixed emotions all throughout the week:
1.frustrated since we lost our connection
2.mad because of our internet provider's inconsistency in providing us info on how to resolve our issue as well as they won't let us feel valued considering that we'eve been with them for almost 3 years now
3.excited since the team was planning to go out and have karaoke after shift(excitement happened Thursday:))
4.happy since we surely did enjoyed the karaoke!

Cliche' as it may sound, but human as we are, we have our own share of shortcomings and fun-filled moments and it's up to us on how we'll deal with each encounter.Serious much??ha ha ha..
Enjoy your weekend guys and hope your week started and ended with a blast!

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