August 20, 2011

finding Nature

 Papa Kits Marina and Fishing Lagoon has been considered as one of the " go to" place everytime you wanna escape from the City and just wanna be with friends/family and enjoy Nature at it's fullest.

One of Papa Kit's attraction: Zipline
rate is P200 for the regular zipline position while P400 for the superman position
               Papa Kit's has an entrance fee of 100 pesos which you can consume at the restaurant - had lunch before enjoying the facilities

                                                                 a must try -sizzling gambas

                                                            on our way to the Zipline area

                                                                            This is it!
             *fyi; it's my first time to try it out so I've got the excitement and fear emotions wrapping around me

                          I made it!I was way too nervous when I was harnessed like my knees were shaking but when they release the harness, it was breathtaking but I felt proud of myself that I was able to conquer my fear since I'm really not the adventurous type whose willing to try "buwis-buhay" activities.

                                                   the Zipline Survivors!ha ha ha

                                        Other activities that everyone can enjoy are: fishing,

                    fishing rods with the reel and accessories for rent at only P50 and baits cost P10 only

                                                       horse back riding: P50 per 10 minutes
Other activities that you can enjoy:Bicycling and Boating
To know more about the place, please click here.
top- Metro Ayala;shorts-thrifted;belt-Metro Ayala;shoes-Rossana Pena

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