August 16, 2011

bian + jeff

Part of every woman's dream is to find someone whom she can spend the rest of her life with. And one dream came true when she found hers..

I'm pertaining to one of my closest friends, Bian who got married few months ago.This I can say is one of the most unique weddings I have attended.

Location: Chateau de Busay
*Christian Wedding

                                                          I and Jay were part of the entourage - Candles

                                                                        Jeff - the groom

                                                                   the Bestman - JB

                                                                    the beautiful Bride

         Pastor gave inspirational messages not only to the couple but to everyone who attended the ceremony.Everyone were also in tears when the couple exchange their vows.It was heartfelt!

                                                                     the Entourage

                  Cheers!-see how big the goblets are; they had a hard time drinking it up!ha ha ha

                                                             first dance as newlyweds

                     Bian harassing Jeff during the traditional slicing of the cake!just kidding! ha ha ha

 Instead of the traditional catching of the garter,the bachelors played as Rodeo. but instead of riding their horses, they had balloon pumps.The last person who can inflate and burst the balloon will be the lucky guy to be paired off with the single lady.Didn't have any picture for the ladies, but the game was to get post-its from a bachelor's body. The girl who wont get anything will be paired off with the luck guy.

                                                 had fireworks display after the program

They certainly are meant for each other.Despite the distance, they were able to keep their relationship strong.
Best Wishes to both of you Bian and Jeff!Miss you both!

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  1. i <3 the pix... i took some of them... hahaha! nangangkon...lolx