August 07, 2011


                                                             trying to goof around!ha ha ha

top-Bayo,skirt -bought online ;Express flats

One of my weaknesses when it comes to clothes would be anything that's laced(considering of course the design and cloth used).So you can just imagine how I jumped for joy when I got this laced skirt from Ukay Shopeteer.Also, I decided to pair it off with this leopard-print top since I'm still on a high with the white-black combination and I do love how comfortable the top is too.

Weekend is coming up!Hope everyone will have a blast!


  1. Dan!! You know how I felt about that laced skirt! :[
    You look chic still!! As always, deaR :]

  2. thanks as always gel..;) you're getting hotter as well..stay fab and glam!