August 07, 2011

out with fam...

It's weekend once again and its been a while since we went out with the family.
So we decided to invade the mall with my two nephews.

                              Joachim (kiddo in blue) was holding this plastic the whole time.
                    Was even too eager to go home so that he can play with his new toy..a cute bowling set!

                                                                   stolen shot # 1

                                                                     stolen shot # 2

                                                 meet my other nephew, Joshua(Joachim's elder brother)
                                                *He was responsible for the stolen shots

                                  Mom decided to have Dimsum for dinner, and preferred Harbor

                                                 hotpot - Jay would always get this!

                    The Dimsum Experience -quite expensive for me considering its serving. I still prefer
              Big Mao's Dimsum Sampler (you can check my Big Mao blog post to see what I'm talking about)

              so cute!He was able to finish 2 servings of steamed rice.That's how hungry he was!ha ha ha

                  I really love spending my weekends with them.It's the only time that we can share how we are doing for work, kids doing at school and discussing future plans as well.

Tell me how did you spend your weekend.Were you with your family as well?:)

* An ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship.  ~Spanish Proverb
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