August 12, 2011


It had been a very busy week for me.
There were a lot of deadlines to meet for work so pardon me for the delayed post.
Anyways, to all Cebuanos, have you heard about Matias?For those who are not familiar with the place, it's a barbecue station situated right across Cheavers within the streets of A.S Fortuna Street.They are of course famous for their variety of barbeque which includes pork,chicken, intestines, gizzards and the like.Also, you can't have the complete Matias experience without trying their Balbacua (a dish soup whic uses exotic beef parts).
Since most of us craved for Balbacua, so Matias was the answer.

         Matias's pork barbecue,gizzard and Balbacua(certainly a must try)

No wonder why they survived the business for years now.They never failed to give their customers in giving them consistency with regards to taste and service.

Zara top,dress transforned into skirt (dress -thrifted);flats - SM Parisian

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