August 13, 2011

and it's Sat!

For the  whole week, I've been too preoccupied with work so you just can imagine how happy I am that it's Saturday!No work and you can do whatever you want to do!!Pardon me for all the exclamation marks .I just want you to know that what I'm feeling right now is far more than superb!ha ha ha.Anyways, let me share to you another thing that makes me happy right now.My good friend is getting married next month!I'm really glad that she already had found someone whom she can spend the rest of her life with.So in line with this, I'm in the look for something to wear so I decided to invade the mall and search for the best outfit which will match the motif.Not a particular color to choose though since motif is R-A-I-N-B-O-W.So I wanna look as colorful as possible, following color blocking principles of course...:)

           Went to the mall with Dothy and look who we've found - her cute students from UHAK- a Korean school(she's working there for a month while waiting for her board exams)

                got a chance to have picture taken with this adorable kiddo with the very famous Korean pose! ha ha ha

                                                   grabbed some snack at The Potato Corner

                                                           our fave - Barbecue!

While waiting for Jay (for those who just followed me, he is my BF) for us to have dinner, it was time for me to search for the perfect dress and so happy that I was able to look for something which I really wanted!I'll be posting the dress next month in time for the wedding...:)

                                                  Decided to have dinner at Neo Neo

Food was quite okay. To be honest, I was very disappointed with the service. Order took like more or less 25 minutes for it to arrive. Ordered buko juice and it wasn't served along with the rest of the order.Had to follow it up like 5 times and everyone just nodded.It ended up that the juice was not on the list of orders that we had.Luckily we are not the confrontational type who complains to the manager and demand an explanation. Well as the cliche goes, nobody is perfect but I guess the imperfection can be corrected by thinking why the mistake has been made and from there intervene.

Everyone got thirsty after doing the grocery(had it after dinner) so we opt to buy our ever fave Choco Loco Super from Quickly and Jay pretending to be a health buff preferred the fresh juice from SM grocery.ha ha ha

In general, I had a very fruitful Saturday(despite the dinner thingy). Hope you have yours the same!Happy Weekend guys!

What Dothy wore: dress transformed to top - thrifted ;shorts- Bazaare find;flats- Parisian;bag-Kipling

blazer- Singapore brand, tank top - Basics; denim shorts- thrifted-flats- Express; watch - Guess Water Pro;bag-LC

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