September 10, 2011

in sickness and in health

Motif of the Wedding was Rainbow which reflects very much to the rich colors of the cupcakes.Yum!

loved the interiors of the hall

giveaways for the guests

couple's first dance as husband and wife

slicing of the cake

Instead of the traditional bouquet catching, the bride threw out flowers and we were told that whoever is left without any flower at all  will be paired off with the guy.But Surprise, Surprise...Eva mentioned that the real deal is that whoever got the flower which is different from the rest is the lucky girl.

Oh yes, you got it right, that "lucky girl' was me.

You might think it's staged, but Jay really was the "lucky guy" .
In case you wanna know , their drill was to inflate balloons and the last one who can do so and burst the balloon will be paired off with the girl.Unfortunately(I really wanna use!), Jay was not able to pull it off.

I really had fun attending the event. Not only did I witness Eva tying the knot but also I was able to catch up with my other close friends. I missed them so much and hope we can be together more often considering our different schedules.

To the newly weds, Cheers to another chapter in your lives and Best Wishes!♥ 

Miss Couture Body Con dress;pumps from sis; Guess Water pro Watch;bag- Coach

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