September 22, 2011

weekend escapade: davao day 1

Last weekend, we did get a chance to travel to the largest city in Mindanao ..Davao City

grabbed a quick breakfast at Dunkin Donuts with their specialty burgers

Dothy and Mom- it's their first time to travel outside Cebu so you can just imagine how excited they were!

Upon arriving, I received this shirt from Jay's sister who just came back from China. She stayed there for a year  to study.Thanks Jean!

We had Eden as part of our itinerary for Day 1.Eden Nature Park is one of Davao's attraction. If you wanna escape from the busy City life, I guess this is one of the go - to places in Davao.

Eden Buffet is worth 450 pesos.For it's price, I find it quite expensive since they only offer few choices food wise.But after tasting their vegetable salad and their fruits, I was able to conclude that the price was not that bad after all since it tastes heavenly!Everything's so fresh from the fruits down to the vegetables.

Jay's siblings joined us on our tour. (That lady not facing the camera is Jean, she's too camera shy!She really can tell that you are taking her photo secretly,lol! She was also our photographer that day and for the rest of our trip lol!)

We didn't leave the place without exploring the beauty of the place. So we enroll ourselves for the Day Tour.

*Day Tour costs 100 pesos which is good for 45 minutes.They got their own shuttles for those who will be joining the trip and a tour guide of course.

Inidana Jones- its one of the activities that they offer.
How it's done:
1.Hold the rope firmly with both hands and place the rubber seat in between your legs in an upright sitting position.
2.Grip with both hands and legs.
3.Then swing 

The Playground Area- unleashing the kid in us :)

bought Marang along the way.It is one of Davao's famous fruit. I apologize but I could not tell you how it tastes since I havent tried it yet.tehee

Davaoenos call this as the "The Mickey Mouse plant" since it's shaped like a mouse. It's not something that you can eat but they use this for ornamental purposes.

had some delicious yoghurt at the Gaisano Mall after the trip

And we had Crabs for dinner. Restaurant is called Let's Crab Eat which offers buffet.What's interesting is they have Crabs all you can in which you can have the usual sauteed crab or you can opt for the spicy version. It was both delicious but I liked the spicy version better since its more tasty and loved how they have it a bit sweet at the same time.

Price: 395
Aside from crabs, they also offer variety of desserts, main courses and appetizers.

We sure did have a blast during our first day in Davao.I know that my Eden pictures were too limited.Honestly I really want to put more pictures of the place but I don't wanna bombard it with too many nature pics.Maybe I'll dedicate a whole post for Eden so that you can also appreciate the beauty of the place the same thing that we did.

Anyhow,Check out my next post on how our Davao escapade continues!:)

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