October 31, 2011

Puss in Boots

Watched Puss in Boots yesterday and wanted to wear something "animalistic" .ha ha ha

animal print blazer - bought from friend
sheer top- thrifted
DIY mustard scalloped shorts

Really had fun with the movie. Surely another movie which brought out the kid in me.:)
(had a little headache though while watching..I normally experience this everytime we watch movies in 3D..Is this a 3D disorder guys??ha ha ha)

P.S.Been busy for the past weeks with work and with other stuff thus haven't been able to blog but I'll try to catch up  with my posts!:)

Enjoy the Long Weekend Guys!


  1. Daaan! I really thought you wanted to stop blogging based on our last IM! I am sooo glad your back. I've always wanted to read your post bya. :)
    Love the DIY mustard shorts :)

  2. hey gel.. i wanna stop na unta but my sister told me na sayang so ill try to post as much as i can na lang though not as often as before:)