October 31, 2011

when Garrie turned 1!

                        Last Saturday, we were able to witness as my friend's daughter turned a year old.

                                                     birthday celebrant, Garrie with proud mom


                                                                    and more food!

                                                          with officemates + cupcakes:)

                                                                    proud parents

                                            Garrie was indeed enjoying her cake! ha ha ha
                                  *just an FYI. This cute little tutu dress was made by no less than her mom!

                                      meet Miggy, one of the cutest and smartest kid I've ever met!
                               showing our tongue out after eating the pink icing on the cupcake!ha ha ha

Happy Birthday Garrie!

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  1. WOW!! Thank you so much for this, Dan! I read this post with a feeling of awe. You guys really made our Garrie's birthday even more special.

    And by the way, a BIG THANK YOU for the photos! Thank God, you, Sue and Hya managed to take some. You guys are life-saver hahaha!! Everybody in the family was just too busy and excited that we all forgot to get the camera ready. LOL!