November 07, 2011

dothy @ 22

For those who have been following my posts, I'm pretty sure that you know who Dothy is. She is no less than my baby sister. She is the youngest of us four siblings. Dothy celebrated her 22nd birthday last November 3rd at our eldest sister's house.

          She really was very happy upon seeing her cake since Hello Kitty has always been her favorite.

                                         Her all time favorite dish: Shrimps sauteed in butter and garlic

                                                     Jay with the sleepy/serious look ha ha ha

                                     from left - my eldest sister Jo,Dothy, mom and my other ate Dee
Fam Bam

                                        of course the night could not end without her blowing her cake

                                                                 and wine!

I love you so much Doth and hope we made you happy !

PS. Another delayed post since I got admitted at the hospital due to Acute Gastroenteritis and I got dehydrated.:(

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