February 15, 2012


Love conquers all.Love is Patient.Love is Kind. These are some of the most famous or shall I say overused Love Quotes that every man or woman who are in love uses. Well, I started my blog with this sentences since it's Valentines Day once more. It's the time of the year where everywhere we go we see hearts, roses, chocolates, and love surprises. I'ts nice to see people in love. It is a living proof that despite all the chaos and unfortunate events happening, people still remember to love , to care and to show generous gestures to the one they love.Right?Am I making sense?ha ha ha

Well, on a lighter note in case you wanna know how my 214 went here it is:

                                                                       photo from Sue

 In case you might also be asking what I got for Jay well I got him two cute cupcakes from Corner Bakery and had hearts with our names on it.He got me two cute heart balloons (failed to upload pics it's on my sissy's cam LOSER mode!:( )

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