February 13, 2012

Wine around The Corner

Two weekends ago, Jay and I were invited by my sister to join a food and wine pairing. We were really excited since it is our first time to join such activity.Wines were sponosored by my sister catering Beringer Wines (she works as a Marketing Manager for Beringer) and food was in the hands of The Corner Bakery's owner Chef Michele Ng.

                             It was a very intimate dinner joined by Chef Michele's cousins,me,Jay and my sister

              I forgot the name of this appetizer but it was really good.It was made with whole cheese
                  with lettuce and some vinaigrette.

                         I'm not so into wines but I must say this wine taste so good!It was mild and fruity.              
                                                          Name of Wine:NVY - paired with the appetizer

                                             Chef Michele talks about her cooking

                               delicious and affordable cakes offered at The Corner Bakery

                          they also have heart lollies;very much timely for the Valentines

Got this cute Heart Cupcake from Chef Michele as a gift!Thank You Chef!:D

                                  Wine: Chateau Montelana -paired with the main course

                                     main course: STEAK paired with Mashed Potato
No exaggeration but it was one of the best steak I've ever tasted. It was really tender and the sauce was heavenly. As far as I could recall part of the gravy ingredients that she had used was red wine.

                            Dessert: Choco Trio - berries glazed with chocolate;choco bars and tiramisu
                                   Need I say more?It was super delicious!

                                                                     Sissy and Chef Michelle

Thank You once again Chef and Ate for the sumptuous dinner. We really had fun and learned a lot on both food and wine industries. Till next time!


  1. I love this post. Classy Dan. Murag ku nag read ng Divine Lee. I kinda itch to go to the Corner Bakery.

  2. Dan! I love the panini and potato salad from Corner bakery!! :)