February 20, 2012

Just Once

Remember the ticket that Jay bought for us for the James Ingram Concert?Well, it happened last weekend and let me just say that it was superb. Though it didn't start on time (supposed to start at 8 pm but began at almost 9 pm) but it was worth the wait.His voice along with his guest and back up singers was really mesmerizing.

                        Had dinner at Ila Puti before hitting the Waterfront Hotel and Casino (concert venue)

                                                               I had pasta gambas
                                                                  the "angas" look!
                                                        Jay had pasta puti(carbonara)
                    Front Act band (sorry I forgot the name of the band but they really sounded great)

                                                           James Ingram's back up singers

                                        Special Guest: Miss Lea Salonga - was my first time to hear her on stage and Man! she really sounded great and gave me goosebumps!

                                         finally able to meet James Ingram - man behind the hit song
                                    " Just Once" which was one of my fave songs of all time

                                                   a duet with Lea Salonga- "Somewhere, Out There"

                       Can't believe that such  legendary  International Singer can be this warm!He really mingled with the crowd and shook hands with them -such a humble man!


had some snacks at Jollibee after the concert!tehee

It was indeed a night filled with music,talent and love. I would surely watch again if he comes back in Cebu.♥


  1. WOW DAN!! Amping it up in heels!! Nice!! :))
    We missed u in Dong Juan. Next time ha?

  2. Thanks Gel!Sorry wasnt able to make it sa Dong Juan...got a lot of deliverables man gud ato na day..miss you!