February 23, 2012

Touched for the First Time

You got it right..I got the title of my post from one of Madonna's hit songs, "Like A Virgin".Well, before you'll  make conclusions as to why , let me explain(hahhahah).Let me just tell you how I love clothes(love might still be an understatement if you know what I mean). I love to play around with colors, doing mix and match and normally in the look for what's new and what's hot in the fashion world. I always check out fashion blogs and sites that give me ideas on what are the do's and don'ts when  it comes to dressing up. I'm no guru when it comes to styling someone else other than myself. So when my officemates invited me to join a photoshoot and be the stylist,I was really hesitant.Not because I don't want to do it but because I'm way too afraid that my own understanding of the styling principles might all the while be wrong or worse may be an epic fail. I'm no Lizz Uy or one of the the gays on the Queer Eye for a Straight Guy. I don't have even have a styling kit!Believe me, when I said YES to join the shoot , I really don't know where to start, what to bring and worse I am to use my own clothes!Model was way too petite compared to my body structure. What if she will look like a wreck wearing my clothes. So what I did was:a.search for the model's profile on Facebook,scanned over her pictures b.scavenging over my closet on what can possibly fit her c. theme for the shoot(this should be prio 1 but due to lack of time to look for the right clothes I just had it set after I had found the clothes:Here's what I was able to come up with (pins were hooked at the back of the clothes to prevent it from falling that's how gigantic I am over her!):

                                                           Theme: Modern Vintage
                                                            skirt:Forever 21
                                                            shades: Ray Ban

                                                               Theme:Everyday/Casual Chic
                                                               top: Bayo
                                                               shorts: SM department store
                                                               shoes: model's own
*make up: Aura
*main photographers: Aura and Peejay
*photos : by me..hahhahah I'm no pro so sorry for the poor shots!I just had to document it:D

How did you find my first styling experience?Hope I passed on your standards:D
Let me know your thoughts , promise I'll take note of it!hahhaha


  1. Hey Dan, i personally liked the 2nd set of clothes they look comfy and chic at the same time =) this is great! looking forward for you next project ;)

  2. Dan!! You never told me! Ayyyee!! We should do it next time! ;)

  3. Great job Dan! Keep doing what you do. :) thumbs up!