February 27, 2012

Liempo and Shrimps

When: February 25,2012
Who:Jay, I and officemates
Why:invited by an officemate/ friend 
to try the original Balaman Liempo and shrimps!

                                 assembly time: 8 am at Mcdonald's South Road

                                                   the famous Balamban Liempo

                                                   the lovely hostess for the day, Lyris
                                               Thank you for the food and accommodation Lay!:D


After lunch, we hit the road and went to IPI in Balamban Cebu to go fishing and horse back riding.
                                        bought one of Balamban's delicacy:Bibingka
Some of the activties that we can enjoy at the IPI:


                     "Manong:" prepared the rods for us and had to put live worms which will serve as bait

                                  Waiting for a surprise!lol - Patience is a Virtue guys!:D

             and indeed it is a virtue!hehhe all of us were able to catch tilapia!Good Job everyone!:d

                    Jay, trying to take out the fish from the hook while "Manong was assisting the other guests

                                                             buko juice was heaven!

Jay and I were not able to do horse back riding since we have to rush home to attend Waves Bar Opening.Catch it out on my next post.:D

Thanks again Lay for the invite.We really had fun!Till next time..hehehhe

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